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Tax PreparationTax season rolling around? Don't stress - call the tax preparation experts at My Accounting Center. For years, our California company has provided income tax preparation for individuals and businesses across a wide geographical area. Our company employs a trained and dedicated staff of accountants, bookkeepers and other financial services personnel. We'll pair you with one who is equipped to act both as a tax preparer and to explain sometimes-complicated tax deductions and withholdings.

Your My Accounting Center accountant will help you learn about any deductions that you may be eligible for; then, your income tax preparer will file your taxes, ensuring that all state and federal IRS requirements are met. We can also provide you with a detailed explanation of how deductions and withholdings work. When you entrust your tax requirements to My Accounting Center, you're guaranteed a smooth and seamless tax preparation and refund process with all questions answered.

Tax Planning And Preparation Tax season can be a difficult time for all of us. Every year, countless hours go to locating all we can to reduce the amount of taxes we pay. Also, trying to determine what to deduct can be a very confusing and frustrating task. What can and cannot be deducted is always an issue due to the fact that everyone has their own beliefs and perceptions about the matter. Unfortunately, those beliefs usually differ from the beliefs of the IRS.

At My Accounting Center Inc., we will devise a plan for your proper tax preparation needs. We will also take the time to explain which deductions you qualify for and which do not apply to you. Once everything is discussed and agreed upon, we will go ahead and prepare your taxes for you. Any of your questions will instantly be answered by our professional staff while we concentrate on making sure your taxes are filed properly and all the state and federal IRS regulations are met.

The staff at My Accounting Center Inc. will provide you with a detailed explanation of how payroll withholdings work so you can make the adjustments on your paychecks. We will also go over all the possible deductions that you may qualify for to limit your tax liability in the upcoming years.

In addition, we will make sure you receive your refund quickly by filing your taxes electronically. A record of your tax returns will always be on file with us so, in any event, you can come directly to us for a copy rather than going through the IRS and waiting four weeks or longer.

When planning for tax season, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make your January mortgage payment in December so you can deduct the interest this year as opposed to next year
  • The wholesale fair market value of items (clothing, furniture, etc.) donated to a charity is allowed as a charitable deduction if you keep your receipt
  • Try to maximize any retirement funds you may have
  • If offered a Flexible Savings Account (FSA) at work, take full advantage of it. Although an FSA is a "use-it or loose-it" account, the dollars put into it are tax deferred and can be used to cover certain expenses such as child care or medical expenses.

Our experienced and professional staff will go over these tips and many others with you to ensure you get the largest refund possible.

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment and see how much we can increase your tax refund.

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My Accounting Center is your tax preparation center. To learn more about the income tax preparation services that we offer, give us a call with your specifications today. We look forward to providing you with the financial services that you need.

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